Started whilst in residence at Gasworks in 2020, Tender Xchange is a research forum in which participants collaboratively formulate a visual map in response to a given topic. The goal is to utilise surface level observations as a legitimate means of drawing out the ultimate potential of a subject matter. Participants will be invited to join in an image-led conversation, translating visual cues into a proliferation of researched material.

Currently, Tender Xchange has presented itself as a research forum across three instalments in London.

Past Tender Xchanges
Device(s) to Locate #3, Biblioteka, London 13/12/22
Device(s) to Locate: #1 - Set Lewisham, London 19/03/22
Device(s) to Locate: #2 - Gasworks, London 03/09/22

Device(s) to Locate: #2 - Gasworks, London

Device(s) to Locate: #1 - SET Lewisham