Tawfik Naas’s work builds upon his ongoing research around speculative methods of remembering generational pasts. Naas aims to unlock the hidden potentialites lost from these histories by reconfiguring them into alternate spaces. Believing that this allows for the birth of a more heightened perception of these generational histories. Often highlighted through sculpture, writing and/or drawing, Naas attempts to present these methods as legitimate tools for observing/healing.

Goldsmiths, University of London, BA Fine Art. Grad 2019

Selected Shows
2022 Soul Retrieval
2022 Hybrid Libraries, Set Lewisham, London
2021 Late Works: Preparations, Cafe Oto, London
2021 60x60x60, Set Lewisham, London
2021 iiiii, Avalon Cafe, London
Mediterranea 19, School of Waters, San Marino
2021 24 Hour Exhibition @YURPDIVER, London
2019 Goldsmiths Degree Show, Goldsmiths University, London
2019 lock + transmit, St. Hatcham Church, London
2018 Retracing a Disappearing Landscape, P21 Gallery, London
2017 Utopian Home, Bones and Pearl Studio, London

2021 Artist-in-Residence, Gasworks, London

2022 Tender Xchange: Device(s) to Locate #3, Biblioteka, London 
2022 Tender Xchange: Device(s) to Locate #2, Gasworks, London
2022 Tender Xchange: Device(s) to Locate, Set Lewisham, London
2021 Conversation: Practising from afar: engaging with Libyan history Tawfik Naas and Alessandra Ferrini with Simone Frangi and Sabel Gavaldon
2019 Guest Speaker, Goldsmiths Centre of Contemporary Arts + Harris School Academy Workshop.